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BigBangles Theory



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This is a bangle stack that you will find in a celebrity closet.   The center statement bangle has a delicate daisy and vine design. The thinner bangle and center bangle are two toned and perfectly classy and dressy. The ones in between in two different widths are versatile. The Perfect Holiday Bling or Wedding Bridal Stack. Email us for customizations. Take this Sultana and wear it like a crown.

Colors - The stack has two colors. Shown is Light Topaz(Gold) and Peach/rosegold bling that gives it a copperish/rose gold hue. 

To customize choose two colors by clicking the link below and leave us a note during checkout.

Price is for a stack of 7 bangles, one 20 mm, two 10 mm and four 5mm.  

Disclaimer: Keep away from water, heat and chemicals.

Materials Used: Alloy metal and glass beads (bling)

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