Frequetly Asked Questions

How do I place my order?

You can customize your jewelry any way you like. Once you’ve settled on a design, color and size, click the “ADD TO CART” button. You can check the contents of your cart by clicking the bag icon near the top right-hand corner. From there, you can change the quantity or remove items from your bag by clicking the waste bin icon to the right.

When you’re ready to check out, click the bag icon and select the “CHECKOUT” button near the bottom of the page. Next, enter your personal information to complete your order.

Most products within a collection will have colors that you can refer to, for example the Thread Collection - Orb bangles have all the shades in them. If there is no way to specify a color, leave us a note during checkout. If we cannot fulfill the order in the time you need them we can refund your purchase.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

Big Bangles Theory accepts most major forms of creditcard, including Gpay, MetaPay, Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express. 

What is the return policy?

If you’ve received the wrong item, or if your item is damaged or defective, simply message us here detailing the problem(s) and include a picture. We’ll do our best to send you a replacement item as soon as possible. Sorry, we don’t accept refunds; however, we will happily exchange your order for another.

Note: Exchanges will not be made if an item has been purposely tampered with or damaged in any way. Exchanges are only available within the first 30 days of purchase.

What is the best way to care for my bangles?

In order to keep your bangles beautiful for years to come, you’ll need to treat them with care. 

  • For storage: When you’re not wearing your bangles, be sure to place them in plastic pouches or boxes that are free from other clutter. Because our bangles are made from the highest quality materials, they should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • For wear: When wearing your bangles, you may need to rub a little lotion on your hand or use a plastic wrap to help glide the bangles onto your wrist without damaging the materials.

How will I know which sizes to choose?

Because bangles are not a one-size-fits-all type of jewelry, it’s important that you choose the right fit. You can measure your precise bangle size using our sizing algorithm here

Alternatively, sizing kits are also available for both women and children and cost $3.99 and $1.99, respectively. Bangle sizing kit cost will be refunded when you make your first purchase.

How long does it normally take for orders to arrive? 

Unless otherwise noted, standard orders are shipped within two business days. Custom orders typically take between two to three weeks to arrive. 

Is it possible to combine multiple orders at the same time?

Yes. Bulk orders will automatically be combined into one shipment to save both time and money. Shipping is free for purchases of $100 or more in the United States. 

Do you offer jewelry repair?

For a nominal fee, we’re able to clean and repair your bangles. Prices are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please note that you will be charged for shipping. 

Still have questions? For more information, please message info@bigbanglestheory.com