Collection: Eco-Friendly

These are products that are innovative, creative and with a goal to either not harm the environment or to correct a wrong done by mankind that is causing a number of adverse effects on either you, the earth or maybe the universe at large.

Story of Shainu Bangle - I,Founder of bigBanglestheory meets in Feb 2018, a young activist journalist from India at the Istanbul airport, as they await their planes. The journalist introduces Shainu who is an acid attack victim in northern India. I also meet the inventor and patent holder of Ahimsa Silk, in Southern India. We then make it happen, the silk is sourced and sent to Shainu. Shainu meticulously wraps the silk on a bangle. These empowered bangles then make its way back to USA and loved by many even in some cases without knowing the story behind it. Today Oct2, 2023 , on Gandhiji's birthday we launch the Shainu Bangle.